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Painting with LEDs and a wiimote

Settling the details

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Since the liightbrsuh can be moved around, it is possible to cover wide areas rapidly in limited details or to focus on on elements to get a more accurate picture.
Testing the level of accuracy that can be achieved, it appears that the biggest challenge is that my camera only allows exposure time to go up to 30 seconds. There is of course a “bulb” setting to manually open/sclose the shutter, but you have to keep the button pressed the whole time, meaning I need assistance (thank you Amelie). Taking more time to paint does allow much higher picture quality, as can be seen in the two examples below, using a 30 seconds exposure time, and going through the whole picture for the first one, while only painting a small fraction in details for the second one (see how even otherwise subtle details like the holes in the sponge are clearly visible).

Second test uses the manual exposure for around 2 minutes of painting. In comparison, the first picture was done in 30 seconds (thanks to Simba the winking cat for lending his face to this incredibly kitch picture).


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26/08/2011 at 15:03

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