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Wireless Squarepants

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I unfortunately do not have an appartment large enough to use a 2 meters wide lightpainting appartus, but I still managed to run a few tests that are showing great promises, even with some significant day light. It appears that there is a “ghost” duplicate image, I have not figured out yet if that was due to the reflection of the IR emitters, the source image, or my code. I’ll have to look into that in more details.


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31/10/2011 at 16:52

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Version 2

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Took me quite some time, but here is at last v2 of the liightbrush. There are the main improvements:

  • LEDs using the newer LPD8806 chips allowing built in handling of a much wider scope of colors
  • 2 meters long, with 64 LEDs (instead of 8 previously)
  • Wireless bluetooth for serial input
  • Built in IR emiters powerd through the Arduino (ripped from a Nintendo Wii sensor bar)
  • Much optimized Arduino code
  • Foldable aluminium design for easy transportation of the Liightbrush
  • But it is still not over yet as I still need:

  • To power the device without relying on the USB chord (which kinds of defeat the whole bluetooth work)
  • To find a proper material to scatter the LED lights, that are a bit too bright
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    31/10/2011 at 16:44

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