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Painting with LEDs and a wiimote

How it was done v1

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The liightbrush is a 20cm long set of 8 RGB LEDs that change colors based on where they are in space. The colors change in order to be able to “paint” a complete picture as they are moved to cover the whole area of the picture. Thanks to long exposure photography, it is this way possible to “light paint” an accurate picture in its environment.

The liightbrush is made of a number of components:

  • The brush itself, which is a wooden stick approximately 20 cm longs, on which are attached: a strip of 8 RGB LEDs, a wii sensor bar (basically 2 infrared LEDs), a whitish plastic to scatter the light from the LEDs
  • The arduino controller, which takes data from a serial port as an input, and converts it into instructions for the LED strip
  • The wiimote, which detects the current position of the liightbrush in space, thanks to its sensor bar
  • The computer, which is set up with a picture file. It then interprets data coming from the wiimote to have knowledge of the precise position of the liightbrush. Based on this it computes which colors should the LED be, and send the appropriate instructions to the Arduino.

All of this relies heavily on the amazing work done for the digital light wand and the great wiimotelib.


Written by liightbrush

16/12/2011 at 22:30

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